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09.15 2021


Qingdao Homing -  Pulp molding production lineIndustrial packaging


紙漿模塑的簡介Introduction to pulp molding


Pulp molding products are fully recycled plant fiber pulp or waste products as basic raw materials, using unique technology into a widely used for food (medicine) products, electrical packaging, planting seedlings, medical utensils, handicrafts and fragile cushion packaging in the field of pollution-free technology green environmental protection products.



From a global perspective, pulp molding industry has a long history, and pulp molding industry in some developed countries has a history of nearly a hundred years.At present, France, the United States, Japan, Canada, Iceland, Britain, Denmark, Singapore, the Netherlands and other countries of the pulp molding industry has a considerable scale, the application of pulp molding mainly presents a broad application field, high digital degree, product design standards and production equipment / technology advanced four characteristics.


Although the market size of China's pulp molding industry is still small, its development potential is huge, and the market capacity can not be underestimated.With the continuous implementation of the plastic restriction policy, the penetration rate of pulp molding in the plastic packaging market is expected to reach 30% by 2025, and the capacity of China's pulp molding market is expected to reach 238.8 billion yuan by 2025, which shows the huge of China's pulp molding market.

鴻銘設備Homing equipment


In 2017, Qingdao Homing took the pulp molding production line as a key research and development project, successfully developed and put into the market. After continuous experiments and innovation, the second generation of equipment was successfully updated in 2020. At present, the products produced by the equipment have been unanimously recognized by customers.

制漿系統Plasma system

成形系統Forming system

烘干系統Dryer system


整形系統Plastic system

發展理念Development philosophy


The company has been adhering to the "quality trust, wisdom leads the future" strategic development ideas, continue to provide customers with the best cost, efficient and environmentally friendly intelligent equipment, let the product safety, let customers at ease, let the environment beautiful, let the life better.